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The MAG (Medical Appraisal Guide) appraisal form

The MAG appraisal form is the new electronic form for your annual appraisal. It must be completed and submitted as an electronic document, you may not complete a handwritten version or submit a printed copy.

The MAG appraisal form has instructions within, if you hover over the question mark icons an additional information box will appear. For extra information, please refer to the accompanying guide.

Guide to the MAG apppraisal form

Instructions for setting up MAG for future use

One of our Associate Appraisers, Dr Debbie Jones, has produced an exemplar MAG appraisal. It demonstrates the location and style of the information to be recorded and the standard now expected for appraisal.

Exemplar MAG appraisal

MAG Tutorial Videos

Dr Leslie Borrill and Dr Les Ashton have produced video tutorials to help you when completing the MAG form for your appraisal.


MAG template - Section 2


MAG Template - Section 3


MAG Template - Section 4

MAG Template - Sections 5-6

MAG Template - Section 7

MAG Template - Section 8

MAG Template - Section 9

MAG Template - Section 10

MAG Template - Section 11

MAG Template - Section 12

MAG Template - Section 15-18

MAG Template - Section 17

MAG Template - Section 19

MAG Template - Section 20

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